Hello there! I am glad to announce that we are organizing Eurocargo Meet 2017, the first open networking event which caters to the European region. Eurocargo Meet is a regional conference that showcases European forwarding companies.

Eurocargo Meet offers a neutral networking platform that helps forwarders to generate business opportunities and sales leads with local forwarders.

Eurocargo Meet uses a customized meeting scheduler that helps the delegates maximize business opportunities and sales leads for their companies. Our Face2Face Scheduler system allows our delegates to schedule their meetings according to their specific preferences. Delegates can choose their preferred specializations and countries and the scheduler will automatically filter the list to only show those delegates who meet these preferences. This way, no-shows due to mismatch of preferences are minimized.

The first Eurocargo Meet will happen on July 5-8, 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Aside from attending this event, delegates will also have the opportunity to explore this beautiful city which is also the largest city in Netherlands.

Amsterdam is known to be a city of tolerance and diversity. It has a rich culture and lively nightlife, with international restaurants and good transportation management. It is also a calm and peaceful city, thanks to its extensive canals and little road traffic. You can also visit many museums in the city, including the famous Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Museum het Rembrandthuis, and the Hermitage Amsterdam.

We guarantee that attending this event will be an effective avenue to boost your sales leads and maximize opportunities in the European region.

See you in Amsterdam!

Kind Regards,

Nils Walle
Director & Co-Founder
RWSolutions Ltd.



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